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My name is Kirk Hollums and this is my old web site. It's a reflection of what interests me. Basically I inherited my love for all this stuff from my Dad. He loved animals and the outdoor life, and he loved his Cherokee heritage. We are true conservationist to the core. I love animals more than any animal rights activist ever have thought of. I just choose to do something about it. I see the necessity of hunting as a conservation tool. If I had Steve Irwin's money I would buy land and build a santcuary also but let's face the facts folks, since we can not afford to build sanctuaries for all the animals we must take a certain number every year to allow those surviving a healthy habitat. Animals can not control their populations and when nature steps in to control it for them it is very cruel. So bottom line I help animals more than any animal rights activist ever could.

I also have been asked many times about how I feel about how hunting is portrayed today. I could write a book about the subject but will try to keep this short. This subject hits home pretty hard. I feel that as humans we have come so far away from the what God has given us. How can we as humans being so dependant on animals for survival got so far out of whack in just a short period time. Where is the RESPECT? It certainly isn't on any hunting show. I raise my son and daughter to show the animals of the world the utmost respect when hunting them or viewing them for that matter. THIS IS NOT A SPORT and don't call it one. It is a way of life, you can live it or not .If you are tired of the technology and want to get back to basics. If you want the thrill again since it is gone, if you want to make your own gear, get back to me, I can help you. I am not trying to instill my ways of life on you . But I am here to educate the needy and help the lost. Enough on this, let's move on.

The primitive weapons shown on some of these pages are handmade just as my ancestors made them. The navigation links on the left side of this page are organized by topics and they take you to subject pages, which have several thumbnail pictures on them. If something interests you, click the image to get a better view and read the rest of the story.

I'm always getting questions on how I make my primitive weapons and if I sell anything. Sure I can make you a custom piece. Some things I can duplicate pretty close, but all my creations are unique and original.

Check back often for new pics. And yeah, I know that I need to invest in a decent digital camera. Most all the pictures on this site were taken on my cell phone so the quality is not all that great.

Anyway, I'm just having fun. Hope you do too but if anything here tweaks your gizzard, then you need to lighten up and get a life or go find some place else to bark! Be sure to email me I have numerous knives that are ready to go and I can email you pics if needed.





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